Boosting SEO for your Shopify store isn’t just about understanding and implementing SEO best practices. Although this is an important component of your strategy, for the best possible results, it’s also important to use the right tools.

You can have great content on your product pages and/or store blog (if present) but that’s simply useless if there is no traffic coming. With the right Shopify SEO, you can achieve really high-quality organic traffic coming to your store regularly. And what’s best is the organic traffic is for “free” (you obviously need to invest a lot into producing quality content).

Why Shopify?

That you’re here researching the best Shopify SEO apps means you’ve already built up your online store on Shopify and now want to know how to improve Shopify’s SEO Shopify. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the most impressive features of Shopify to reassure you that you will never have to say “What a pity!” when choosing Shopify as your companion.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform that provides everything you need to build a potentially successful online store. It is a versatile shopping cart that’s geared towards businesses of all sizes.

In case you’re in trouble with technical issues, this detailed Shopify tutorial will show you how to swiftly and easily create a Shopify store. Shopify has excelled in this area, where many ecommerce builders still struggle to blend power and ease of use. However, if you have a large company that requires enterprise-level capabilities, you can upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Shopify features

Shopify has three pricing tiers that are tailored to different market segments and business sizes. You can consider additional features you’ll need to manage your online store smoothly depending on your budget.

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all of its features. This way, you can properly try the platform without making any commitments and determine whether it is a good fit for you. Also, check out our Shopify CRM review for more information on how to choose the best Shopify CRM after you’ve built your store.

Additionally, Shopify is mostly about outstanding design, and you’ll quickly discover that there are a plethora of free and paid themes available to make your site look both aesthetic and professional.

Shopify’s templates are trendy and appealing. Each one is also available in a range of styles and color schemes, ensuring that you can always find the ideal tone for your business.

Moreover, the key to creating a successful Shopify storefront is to utilize apps, add-on programs that provide additional functionalities to Shopify sites. Currently, Shopify has over 6000 apps with 9 different categories: Sourcing and selling products, store design, merchandising, marketing, conversion, fulfillment, shipping and delivery, customer service, and store management.

Unlike WordPress and similar CMSs, Shopify handles upgrades and security in the background, saving you precious time. Besides, Shopify customer support is top-notch as you can contact them 24/7 via live chat, phone, email, help center, and their community forum. On their website, you can also find useful webinars and video tutorials.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of implementing an array of adaptation techniques to sync your website with the particular search terms that relate to your brand’s store. The better the optimization process is performed, the higher your website will rank amongst SERP results when someone searches for a particular topic and its related keywords. On an average, people conduct over 5.8 billion searches per day online. Even without an SEO booster, a well-optimized Shopify page can generate significant organic traffic figures just by being favored in Google search results.

In essence, how well your SEO optimized Shopify store appears on search engines will often be the deciding factor in whether the business will thrive, or struggle to make ends meet. There are many platforms where one can conduct online research, but in reality, 89% of people will go straight to Google when looking for something. When choosing the best Shopify SEO apps for your store you need them to be as Google-friendly as possible, with keyword optimization, suggestions, and the tracking capabilities of trending buzzwords. However, keywords are only part of the story.

SEO optimization for Shopify stores

A complete SEO for Shopify optimization process involves not only scattering buzzwords into your descriptions but adjusting a whole set of interlinked values. These include things like keyword density, page speeds, product ads, backlinks, rich snippets, meta tags, and many other considerations. Understandably, manual Shopify SEO optimization is not a viable option for most non-technical people.

Thankfully, we find ourselves in incredibly tech-savvy times and convenience is king. There are heaps of Shopify SEO apps that were designed and created to help optimize websites. They are geared to assist business owners who want to make their Shopify store SEO friendly and improve website traffic with as little effort as possible. Most of the SEO applications take just one click to install, and just a few more to get your site up to speed. If you want to dive deep into Shopify SEO tools and settings, the capabilities are usually included within the app.

There are Shopify SEO apps to suit all needs, from complete beginners to fully-fledged professionals. Many of the SEO apps for Shopify are free but there also are paid editions that offer extended capabilities for those wanting extensive control of the optimization process.

We made a list of what we think are the 10 best SEO apps for Shopify available, overviewing which ones suit your needs best. Without further ado, let us dive into the Shopify apps for SEO and take your online store to new heights of financial success.

Shopify SEO Apps & Tools

1. Plugin SEO

Plug-In SEO is one of the most widely used SEO apps on Shopify. Over 30,000 store owners have installed the app to optimize SEO and drive traffic. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Shopify SEO apps.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for SEO, Plug-In SEO is suitable for you. It also provides good and detailed documentation on SEO for beginners. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your inexperience in this field.

Top features:

  • JSON-LD Structured Data: provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date schema markup for rich snippets
  • SEO Bulk Editor: help you bulk edit SEO data in just minutes.
  • Check and Fix SEO Issues by integrating Plugin SEO with Google Search Console, you can check SEO issues.
  • Monitor Organic Traffic: Track rankings, organic traffic analytics with built-in Google Search Console
  • 404 Broken Link Redirects: Set up 301 permanent redirects for broken links.
  • Automatic SEO Audits: you will receive a report of your On-page SEO audit via email or you can check all the SEO issues in the app.
  • Target Focus Keywords: With the keyword research feature, you can create and optimize both blog posts and product descriptions for organic search terms.

2. Reload SEO

Reload SEO is a keyword optimization app that is well suited for beginners and also useful for store owners who are advanced in SEO. Its main standout feature compared to other apps is that it provides you with your Shopify competitors’ content analysis. The truth is that business SEO is not a territory that rewards fair play – it is a numbers game to elevate your store above others. Any competitive edge that one can obtain over other businesses is potential traffic for your Shopify store.

Reload SEO is feisty in that regard, giving users a detailed overview of the top 10 results for any Google keyword, information on what kind of content is being created by the competition, and recommended tips to beat them for their place in the rankings. It tracks keyword rankings for desktop and mobile in more than 170 countries, making it great for stores with an international market.

Its other functions don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel or offer a wide variety of options, but they cover the basic ground well enough. Reload SEO’s main selling point is its smart spying capability, which is very useful to have in your toolkit.

Top features:

  • Research up-to-date keywords in Shopify
  • Get real-time feedback on your SEO writing with a thorough content analysis algorithm
  • Check your ranking across 170 countries via mobile and desktop devices
  • Identify and resolve issues with your website quickly.
  • Discover your top-performing pages, keywords, and areas of your website that need optimizing for the search engines with an SEO performance dashboard
  • Analyze competitors’ content

3. Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer

Once you’ve got the keywords sorted, excelling at your store’s optimization means extending your efforts to the images of your site. It is one thing to have aesthetic visual branding, but many people forget that the pictures you use for your store will also impact the efficiency of your site. High-quality pictures take a long time to load, and if they are not optimized it can significantly harm your store’s appeal. 

This might come as a surprise, but if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you may be losing as much as half of your potential customers. After putting in all that effort to entice organic traffic to your store, a trivial thing such as loading speed should not be allowed to impact on your success.

The free Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer is a great app to sort out the aforementioned issues with just a few clicks. Its intelligent algorithm works to compress your images by 70% without losing any quality. This number is head and shoulders above the competition. 

It will enhance your website’s loading speeds and keep everything snappy once you’ve caught a customer’s interest. The app lets you choose particular compression methods for your images, optimizes SEO related to your pictures, and provides a month’s worth of backup so you can restore your data should anything happen.

Top features:

  • Image and Template Optimization
  • Improves Image-Related SEO (Alt Text, Filenames)
  • Choice of Image Compression
  • Best Image File Format Analysis
  • 30-Day Backup
  • Simple Setup

4. Schema Plus for SEO

Ideally, you want your Shopify SEO app developers to be as well versed in search results as possible. With Schema Plus for SEO, things can’t get much better in that regard. The minds behind this app were none other than former Google software engineers, who set out to deliver the most advanced automatic schema app in the world. This is pure nectar from the source, as far as SEO optimization is concerned.

Schema is not your traditional SEO app but brings more to the table than just basic functions. The app adds an advanced markup code to your website, allowing it to be indexed faster and more efficiently by various search engines. It essentially makes crawlers understand the content of your store better. This translates into more streamlined connectivity to search terms and can bring your site to relevant people with heightened speed.

Additionally, it will add rich content to your site, thereby letting descriptions and product reviews from your store appear in search results. In simpler terms, this means you will see condensed information like 5/5 stars, and how many reviews your store has in the Google search results preview section.

It is the only schema app that reports the content of your reviews to Google.

This preview function adds a professional look to your website and is sure to kick it up a notch in terms of trustworthiness. Schema Plus takes one click to install and you’ll be all set to start the enhancement process.

Top features:

  • Automatic Content Markup
  • Enhanced Site Indexing
  • Google Integration
  • Free Trial
  • Beginner-Friendly Schema Integration
  • Hands-on Support

5. SEO Images King

SEO Images King by Engage Apps is definitely one of the best Shopify apps on the Shopify App Marketplace with 672 five-star reviews out of 838 reviews. The software employs artificial intelligence to help you improve your online store’s Google rankings by covering all of the necessary SEO ground with up-to-date keywords.

If you’re seeking a Shopify SEO tool that can help you with not only image optimization but also alt text, product meta titles, and JSON LD optimization, SEO King is right for you.

The app is offered in four different editions, so select the package that fits your business needs. Depending on the package you choose, you may be able to access bulk optimization capabilities that will enable your team to optimize hundreds of images in minutes. This will free up your team to focus on additional business operations. Paid editions can also unlock up to 100,000 images for use.

Top features:

  • As SEO King offers a big library of features in one spot, it’s considered one of the best Shopify SEO apps with all-in-one features.
  • Bulk update alt text and meta tags
  • Scan both your store and your competitors’ sites to find the most popular keywords
  • Run an AI-based auto-optimizer in the background to update keywords for your products and photos
  • Sitemap and JSON-LD manager
  • Optimize your store in One-click, compressing every data for your shop, from products, photos to blog posts and collections
  • Improve your Product Photos for Search
  • Disable Right-Click to Prevent Photo Theft

6. SEOMetriks Marketing Tools

SEOMetriks offers users a comprehensive DIY SEO checklist that makes use of 15 tools to achieve the best possible overall optimization results. The developers have a partnership with the acclaimed SEO data giants Majestic, MOS, and SEMrush and make use of their intel in their working process. This opens you up to information of more than 370 global and local search engine data pools that are constantly being monitored and updated.

On top of this exclusive feature, all the standard SEO basics are covered. You will get scheduled SEO site rankings, backlink analyzation, and optimization, as well as the option to spy on competitor sites to see how they are doing in terms of traffic and rankings.

The app is particularly interesting if you work a lot with social media. SEOMetriks will let you track how your brand is doing on social media outlets such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more. On top of that, you can track the latest buzzwords in your particular niche and immediately apply them to your product catalog.

Top features:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Analysis
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Technical Audit
  • Link Optimization
  • Web Buzz Monitoring
  • Social Engagement Tool
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Metrics
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Web Search
  • Great Support

7. Fire AMP

Fire AMP is a tool designed to help Shopify sites reduce site speed using Google’s AMP storing arrangement. AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and this technology is primarily focused on speeding up websites and helping to decrease your bounce rate. The tool uses AMP HTML, AMP Javascript, and AMP cache to help improve your Shopify store’s onsite experience. This can lead to increased conversion rates and potentially higher rankings in SERPs.

Top features:

  • AMP App for Reduced Load Time: Speed up your Shopify site pages with Google’s AMP storing arrangement. Produce AMP approved pages effectively and decrease your site Bounce Rate.
  • AMP Used by 1000+ SEO Experts: Fire AMP has helped more than 1000+ SEO Experts to accelerate their client’s stores. Fire AMP permits you to make AMP pages with one click.
  • Friendly Customer Support: We give both talk and email support. We endeavor to determine all our customer’s issues and consistently be agreeable to them.

8. SEO HTML Sitemap

The SEO HTML Sitemap application will create an HTML sitemap that updates every hour. This means as you update products or content, your sitemap will reflect the changes. An up-to-date sitemap contains a full breakdown of all available links in your Shopify store. This tool will help your organization optimize for search, as sitemaps are used to help users navigate your site, as well as search bots. Search engines won’t choose your webpage as the best answer for a shopper’s query if they can’t easily find and access it.

Top features:

  • Improve SEO Rankings: Improve the SEO rankings for your store on applicable web crawlers, utilizing an auto-created HTML Sitemap page.
  • Instantly Updated HTML Sitemap: The HTML sitemap refreshes hourly as new items, assortments, sites and pages are added or removed.
  • Flexible HTML Sitemap Layout: Choose the format and arrangement of your HTML sitemap page to connect to your website plan and improve SEO and webpage streamlining.

9. SEO JSON‑LD Boost by Verge

JSON-LD for SEO is championed by Google as an “install and forget” app. It means regardless of the size or number of pages on your eCommerce site, this app will put hundreds of code snippets at specific spots without your personal direction or instructions.

JSON-LD for SEO is well-suited for store owners who want to ensure that search engines have all of the information they need about their items and services. That’s why it’s considered one of the best Shopify SEO apps.

It is linked data that encodes your website data and makes it easier for search engines to understand what they are presented. This leads to search engines rewarding your site with more favorable search rankings. The app currently supports landing pages, product pages, collection pages, and blog content.

Top features:

  • Boost organic Google search traffic
  • Offer excellent Rich Snippets and Rich Results features
  • Increase conversion rates by providing product information directly on search results
  • Automatically update Shopify SEO data

10. Automizely Page Builder

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced web developer, Automizely Page Builder can help you build landing pages that are specifically designed with conversion and SEO in mind.

Your landing page is the first impression your customer has when they visit your online store. Designing a page that is properly optimized can drive increased CTRs and decreased bounce rates. The tool will help your organization optimize for UX/UI, reduce page speeds, and create mobile responsive landing pages.


We hope to have given you some insight into what kind of best SEO apps for Shopify are out there, and what they can do to advance your site’s rankings, as well as traffic. As you can see, there is a wide variety of apps available that cater to a multitude of needs and workflows. Whether you want to dive into the nitty-gritty or take a laid back approach and let it do the hard work, the choice is yours. In any case, you should see organic traffic improve significantly after you have completed the optimization process of your Shopify store.

While getting your SEO in check can have fantastic results for getting new traffic to your store, you should also note that even when using the best SEO apps for Shopify, it does not mean you should forget all your other marketing efforts.

SEO optimization works best when combined with additional aspects of business marketing that are effective in their own right. That includes understanding your target audience and maximizing your efforts to bring them to your Shopify store through social media, and to as many other web channels as possible.

Nowadays, having at least one do-it-all SEO optimizing app installed on your Shopify store is an absolute necessity if you want your shop to be SEO friendly, rank higher, and remain capable of staying relevant on as many online search fronts as possible. As some listed Shopify apps are free of charge, there is no excuse to leave them out of your arsenal.